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8 Reasons Why Your Upper Thread Is Shredding On Your Embroidery Machine

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . Here are some reasons why your top thread might be shredding while you’re embroidering! Starting machine embroidery is definitely a challenge, and troubleshooting is hard.  Recommended read: 10 Things you need to start machine embroidery today Often when your top thread is shredding, it’s caused by when the thread goes through the eye of the needle or while it’s going through the thread guides.  1. A dull or bent needle How long has it been since you’ve changed that needle? It might be time to swap it out! A needle only lasts about 8-10 hours of stitching, this amount of time may vary depending on what you are making. It’s good to have lots of needles on hand. Recommended read: When should I change the needle for machine embroidery 2. Are you using the right needle for the project? Are you embroidering heavier fabrics? Like denim or leather? If so, you’ll want to use a heavier needle size like 90/14. If you’re just embroidering mid-weight

Why You Should Use A Thread Stand When Machine Embroidering

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . There are many reasons why a thread stand is a good idea! And I’m going to share a few of them. Do you have any of these problems? - Thread is bird-nesting under the fabric - The thread is shredding - The thread is getting tangled around everything - Needles are breaking - The bobbin thread is showing on top Or other problems that I haven’t listed… The above problems are things that can  be caused by not using a thread stand. Don’t want to spend the money on a thread stand? Or maybe the shipping will take too long, can't get to the store? Whatever your reason is for wanting an alternative to a thread stand, here’s the alternative you can use! A cup behind your machine! Not only does it act just like a thread stand, but you probably already have one laying around your house. I definitely suggest using a plastic cup, we don't want any glass cups breaking! Here's an example of a cup behind your machine (yell

Why Bobbin Thread Is Showing On The Top Of Your Embroidery Design

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . Almost all of us have been there! Having bobbin thread show through on the top of your embroidery project is so annoying, especially when you don't know why!  Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself and how to fix them so you can prevent your bobbin thread from showing on top! Have you cleaned the race? The other day, my bobbin thread was showing on top, b efore I adjusted my tension (I always suggest to do whatever you can to fix the problem before adjusting tension) Recommended read: How to understand changing the tension on your embroidery machine Recommended read: How To Clean The Race On An Embroidery Machine I tried this neat trick, and surprisingly enough, it worked! Here’s what you do: Take a business card and use it to get the lint out from where the bobbin thread goes. You don’t want to use anything that with scratch your bobbin case.  Here’s a picture to show you how: Is your bobbin upside down?

Why Your Machine Embroidery Needle Keeps Breaking

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . If your machine embroidery needle keeps breaking, here’s a list of questions to ask yourself and how to fix the problem. So that you can prevent breaking all those needles! Is the needle pushed all the way up? Before your needle broke, was it pushed all the way up? This one is an easy fix, when putting in your next needle, make sure it is pushed all the way up and tighten it as much as you can.  Recommended read:  Learning To Sew: Getting The Machine Ready To Sew Is the needle in properly? You’ve pushed the needle all the way up and tightened it as much as you can so it’s not loose, but did you put it in properly? You want to make sure the flat part of the needle is facing towards the back of your machine.  Is the embroidery foot on correctly? When your needle broke, did it hit the embroidery foot? This might mean that your embroidery foot isn’t on correctly. What you can do to fix this is to take off the embroi