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How to hoop towels without all the struggle, lots of details and pictures

Want step by step instructions for how to hoop towels? Want tons of pictures to make sure you'll do it right? Well, good news for you, this article is all of that!

   1. Start by pinning the wash away (also known as water-soluble) stabilizer to the towel. I definitely recommend this because it will not only make hooping the towel so much easier, but it will help with placement too!
I use a roll of wash away stabilizer that is 10” wide, I cut a rectangle of 7” x 10” and it fits my 4” x 4” hoop great!!

Optional: if you want to, you can also pin the stabilizer that goes on top of the towel

   2. Make sure that you have made the hoop loose enough that you will actually be able to hoop the towel. You want it to be loose enough for the towel to actually be able to be hooped but you also want it tight enough so the towel won't move around in the hoop
If when you try to do the next few steps the hoop is too tight and won't even go together, take …

How to understand changing the tension on your embroidery and sewing machine, straight to the point

Does the tension confuse you? Are articles too confusing and have too many words? Now you can understand the tension and it's straight to the point!
Before changing the tension, remember what the default tension was. That way if the tension gets all screwed up you can just go back to the default.

The best tools for embroidering non-woven reusable bags

Do you enjoy embroidering reusable bags and want to know the best tools for the job? Well, you’re in the right place!
If you’ve never embroidered a reusable bag or want to know how to, check out this article!
The best tools: NeedlesBefore you embroider a reusable bag, change your needle. Embroidery needles should be changed after about every 8-10 hours of stitching. 
I suggest using the brand Schmetz and use a 75/11 machine embroidery needle for the best results
Use a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer, and make sure it is tight in the hoop.
I suggest using the brand New Brothread
For best results, I suggest using pins to hold the stabilizer in place before you hoop, that way you can not only ensure that the stabilizer is in the hoop but also make sure you have the correct placement
For the upper thread make sure you’re using 40wt and ensure that the machine is threaded correctly. 
It’s also very crucial that you use a thread stand.
For the bobbin thread, you’re going to wan…

How to embroider a non-woven reusable bag

Are you interested in embroidering on a non-woven reusable bag? If so, you've come to the right place!
I'm going to share how to embroider on a non-woven reusable bag the right way step by step!
These make excellent gifts for any occasion!
What you will need: A non-woven reusable bagCutaway stabilizer (learn more about stabilizers here)75/11 machine embroidery needleAn embroidery design (I’m using Think spring from my Etsy shop)Basic machine embroidery supplies (Including, but not limited to, embroidery machine, machine embroidery thread and a machine embroidery foot) Adhesive spray or pins to pin the stabilizer in place The steps:
   1. Prepare your machine for embroidery and choose the embroidery design you are going to use. 

If you're not sure which embroidery design you want to use, you might be able to find something that you like from my shop or Creative Fabrica!
   2. Place cutaway stabilizer inside the bag, pin the stabilizer in place or use adhesive spray
   3. Place the…

Is Machine Embroidery Too Difficult For Me?

Machine embroidery may seem very difficult at first, it might be very tricky, you may feel discouraged, you might even feel like quitting. Here's how to tell if machine embroidery is worth it for you. 
If the only reason that you might think machine embroidery is too difficult for you is that you are confused or overwhelmed, in the end, it will be worth it! If you're overwhelmed then try to take a second to do something else, read a book or watch a movie. Try going back to your machine the next day!

Once you know a lot about embroidery, it will become a lot easier!
People tend to give up because they don’t know how to get answers to their questions, or they don’t want to spend the time learning about it. 
If you don't want to put in the time to learn about embroidery, this might mean its not for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to put in the time than machine embroidery is most likely for you!
Ask yourself this: “will I put in the time to try and learn about this? Wil…