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How to sew a pillow case

Here’s how you can create a pillowcase with optional embroidery! This is a super fun project and makes amazing gifts! This is a great first project for beginners which is why it is in my learning to sew article series!  What you will need: Fleece, flannel or cotton, 44” x 36” (or 40” x 36”) Iron and ironing board  Pins Rotary cutter and cutting mat (or scissors) Seam gauge or measuring tape   Sewing machine Sewing machine thread and needle Optional: Embroidery thread, needle and tear-away stabilizer Optional: Lego Baby Yoda embroidery design from Lizzsews Etsy shop Optional: embroidery machine The steps: Iron fabric and cut it to 44” x 36”  Mine ended up being a little bit less, with 40” x 36” On the top of the fabric, the side that is 44” wide (or 40”), fold over about a 1/4 or 1/2 inch on the top and iron. You can just eye ball this fold, but if it makes you feel better you can use a seam gauge or measuring tape.  Fold over again but this time about 4” (I did 3”) and iron. Use a seam

How to embroider Lego Baby Yoda with rectangle appliqué

Here’s how you can embroider out Lego baby Yoda inside of a rectangle with appliqué fabric ! What you will need: Fabric to embroider on Fabric to appliqué with Stabilizer to match the fabric you are using (for example tear away or cut away with cotton or flannel) Lego Baby Yoda embroidery design from Lizzsews Etsy shop Embroidery machine  Embroidery needle  Embroidery thread The steps:  Hoop your fabric and stabilizer  On your machine select the rectangle design, choose the one with a satin stitch that goes around.  But before using the one with a satin stitch, begin with the outline, #10 in rectangles on the Brother se600.  I changed the colour of my rectangles to #507 emerald green and resized them.  I resized my outline rectangle to 59.8 mm x 94.4 mm Stitch out the outline rectangle.  Place your appliqué fabric on top of this outline and stitch out the outline again.  Cut around the fabric as close to the stitching as you can. Appliqué scissors may help.  Stitch out the satin stitc

How to start up a blog with minimal costs

Blogs are a wonderful way to drive traffic to your shop or to even just write for others to read! But sometimes, you just don’t want to spend all of that money on them!  You might be just starting up a shop (if so check out this article! ) and are trying to keep costs low or you just want to share your thoughts and don’t want to spend a whole bunch! Either way, I will share my thoughts on the best way to start up a blog for minimal costs! First, let me start by saying that I’m not a website builder or an expert in that field in any way! I’m just sharing how I started up my blog for in my opinion a very low cost! There are so many options to choose from for creating a blog! There are a few well known free options, Wix, and Blogspot/Blogger. WordPress and Blogspot will both give you options for a free blog using a subdomain, don’t do it! Subdomains look tacky and just make the URL look too long! Yes, you do have to purchase a domain name to not have the tacky subdomain but

Selling handmade products online

Are you interested in selling your handmade products online? There are so many different handmade products I could be referring to! It could be something you’ve sewn or embroidered (there’s so many different products you can sew and embroider!) Or even something you’ve painted! No matter the handmade product, if you’re interested in selling it, Etsy is a wonderful marketplace to do so! If you use this link right here, you can start up a shop for free! It will give you, (and me!) 40 free listings to start up with! This accounts to $8 USD! A few of my tips for selling products on Etsy:      1. Have good pictures  Pictures are one of the most important aspects of selling products online! This is what your customer sees as the product, for they cannot touch or feel it.      - Take pictures that don’t have a very busy background     - The images should focus on your product     - Show the item being worn, held, used or propped up     - Scale the item, show its size in a photo     - Don’t h