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How to sew treat bags

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . Here’s how you can create these cute little treat bags! This is a super fun project and makes an amazing reusable gift bag. One of the many things that I love about these treat bags is that they can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like! They are great scrap busters as they can be any size that you want them to be and are perfect for holding small gifts. What you will need: Cotton fabric Iron and ironing board  Rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat (or scissors) Seam gauge or measuring tape   Sewing machine Sewing machine thread and needle Twine, ribbon or something of the sort Optional: pins The steps: Iron fabric and cut edges straight, pieces can be any size.  Sew together the pieces of fabric to make a strip of about 5-8” wide by 16-21”, it can be any size you’d like. Just remember to account for a seam allowance in the width, and the length will be at least half the size plus account for the cuff. Make sure to iron the stri

How to skip stitches or threads whilst embroidering

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . Every machine embroiderer has to know how to be able to go back or forward stitches or threads whilst embroidering.   Baby Yoda embroidery design from above Has your bobbin thread run out? If you don’t go back stitches before you start embroidering again, that spot in the design won’t be secure and will start to unravel.  The upper thread has run out? Same story as the bobbin thread! Had to turn off your machine and cancel your pattern selection? Now you need to go forwards stitches to get to where you are? No need to re-embroider everything that’s already been done! There are really so many more reasons why you’ll need to know how to skip stitches whilst embroidering. I will share an example of how to skip stitches if your bobbin thread runs out while stitching:  1. Cut your threads, and take the hoop off of your machine.   2. Take out your bobbin and thread in a new one that is full Recommended read: Should you use pre-wound bobbins fo