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How To Sew A Basting Stitch

  A basting stitch is a great way to put in a temporary stitch. For holding together to pieces of fabric temporarily. The trick is that you want the stitch to be easily removable, hence the word temporary.  To to this, you can just sew with the regular straight stitch on your sewing machine, but set the length to it’s max.  The max length on my machine is 5mm.  But also make sure that you do not backstitch, as this will make it more difficult to remove! You should now have a nice, and easily removable, basting stitch!

How to sew an overcasting stitch

 This article is brought to you by  Lizzsews . An overcasting stitch is like a serging stitch on a home sewing machine. It looks professional and is easy to do.   You’ll need a different sewing foot than you normally use. On my Brother se600 sewing machine, I use the G foot.  Recommended read: Brother se600 review Important to note: When lifting the presser foot and removing the fabric, remove the fabric towards the  back of the machine;   do not remove the fabric towards you.  Place the fabric so that the stitch will go just over the edge of the fabric. Use the overcasting stitch on your machine. On my machine, the brother se600, I use 1-14 .  Do a couple reinforcement stitches and start sewing, you should end up with a nice overcasting stitch. ------ Recommended read: How to sew a lettuce hem Recommended read: How to sew treat bags Leave a comment below and let me know if you made this coaster! And don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date with all of Lizzsews new articles.