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Bye-Bye 2021

Bye 2021- Hello 2022! But before we can leap forwards to 2022, let’s take a quick look back at 2021.  What a great year we’ve had, with lots of crafting.  Over the year 2021, there were 2.2k users! The majority were on mobile and from the United States. Most users found Lizzsews through Facebook and spend an average of 1 minute and 36 seconds on their session duration. An average bounce rate of 72.71% and 1.79 pages per session.  The best times of day (PST):  Wednesday 2am, 4pm / Thursday 8pm / Friday 7am, 6-8pm, 11pm And for our last look back, here’s a short video compilation of my favourite makes from this year: 

Where to get blanks

  As crafters, blanks are essential! And good quality blanks are just as important. But getting good quality blanks for a good price, thats easier said than done! The blanks in this article will consist of those for Cricut or embroidery (or both) Recommended read: What are blanks? These are my top 6 favourite places to get crafting blanks, and my favourite blank from their site:      1. Wordans     - Any apparel       2. Walmart     - Socks + aprons      3. Costco     - Towels      4. Michaels     - Reusable coffee cup      5. Cricut     - Mugs + Coasters      6. Joann     - Soap trays The mega list of embroidery and cricut blanks:     - Acrylic blanks     - Aprons     - Athletic wear     - Bags     - Banners     - Baseball caps     - Blankets     - Bucket hats     - Can Cozies     - Candles     - Canvas     - Chef's hats     - Coasters     - Cosmetic bags     - Drawstring bags     - Glass cups     - Headbands     - Hoodies     - Jackets     - Joggers     - Metal case     - Mugs 

ImpROCKster print: How I made article 14

  Todays how I made is a 3D print. Not just any 3D print… it’s an impROCKster print.  The Rock x Among Us. What I used: PLA filament ImpROCKster print file 3D printer  Slicing software The steps I took: I started by just exploring some 3D print files. I found this awesome print from Thingiverse , created by TheRealRussell . I  sliced the file  in  Cura  and adjusted the settings. I used MECH solutions PLA filament and these were the settings that I used: 200 nozzle temp 60 bed temp 0.2mm height 50mm/sec speed 15% infill - zig zag fill Supports yes Retracting set as per Cura's PLA default I printed it out, removed all of the supports and the results were great!

Mythosaurs (3D print)

In honour of The Book of Boba Fett episode one airing today. I wanted to share an amazing Mythosaur 3D print that I found on Thingiverse and how I made it .   Mythosaurs -> Creatures tamed and ridden by ancient Mandalorian. It's skull being the iconic symbol of the Mandalorian.  "You are a Mandalorian! Your ancestors rode the great Mythosaur” - Kuiil What I used: PLA white filament 3D printer Mythosaur 3D print file The steps I took: I found this amazing designed mythosaur print on Thingiverse by funerall. I sliced the print in Cura and used Eryone PLA filament and these were the settings that I used: 200 nozzle temp 60 bed temp 0.2mm height 50 mm/sec speed 15% infill - zig zag fill Supports yes (for the tusks) Retracting set as per Cura's TPU default And of course this print turned out beautifully! I highly recommend this print model and cannot wait to watch The Book of Boba Fett tonight!

Little lad socks: How I made article 12

  Today's make is a pair of infusible ink socks. I love working with infusible ink, and the results are always just as I wanted!   Remember that with infusible ink, you want to use white or light-coloured surfaces. I might’ve learned this the hard way… you also need to make sure that your surface is 100% polyester or a polyester-spandex mix.  What I used:      - White crew socks (98% polyester, 2% spandex)     - Purple infusible ink transfer sheets     - Cricut + supplies (easypress 2 + mat, cutting blade, design space app, light grip mat, cardstock and parchment paper) How I made it: I started out by creating my design. I wanted to make a ‘little lad’ design. I took a picture of a little lad sticker I had seen online and loaded it into my iPad. Using procreate , I drew around the edges of the design and any other places I wanted to outline.  I didn’t want the design to be too thin, so I duplicated the outline and offset it a little from the original and cleaned it up. I wanted t

A collection of my Christmas makes 2021

  Merry Christmas! Here is a collection of all the Christmas projects I made this year. Most have- or will have a how I made article attached, so take a look, get inspired, read how I made and make it for yourself!      - Dog mom hoodie      - Infusible ink blankets      - Ski hoodie      - Stockings      - Skate blade holder      - Scrunchies      - Fishing jacket      - Airpods case      - In-the-hoop Christmas train small bag      - Bear paw watercolour style mug      - Howard the duck buddha      - Deer coaster      - Little lad socks      - Ski coaster      - Baby Yoda snowman       - Jabba the hutt buddha      - Missile-Toad      - ImpROCKster      - Dance mom hand towel      - Fabric tray- 3 sides      - Infusible ink/embroidered blanket      - In-the-hoop embroidered fabric ornaments      - Jabba the rock    - Decorated notebook Check out more makes in the how I made article series ! Or browse all projects ! All makes from this Christmas collection article will soon be posted!

How to hoop fabric for machine embroidery

Something that might sound so simple, but is something that many beginners ask. How do I hoop my fabric or blank  to embroider? Place the bottom hoop frame down, this is the piece of the hoop with the tightening knob. Place the hoop down so that the tightening piece is on the bottom. Position your fabric or blank on top of this bottom hoop- center it within the hoop. Place the top hoop frame on top of everything, make sure that the arrow on the short side is at the top. Press the top frame down into everything by it's corners and ensure that it's tight. Never adjust the tightness of the hoop after hooping, if you need to adjust, unhoop, retighten (or loosen), and try again!

Why did the thing (cowl) on the side of my 3D printer fan fall off

  As I was 3D printing the other day, I really realized, the hard way, how important it is to level the bed of your printer! I was printing a vaderpus.. hehe.. and the cowl on my machine was super loose. I stopped the print and ‘inspected’. The next thing I knew, the cowl just came right off! All I had to do was unscrew the screws on the fan and reattach the cowl. I was happy that no damage was done to anything! After further ‘investigation’ I came to the conclusion that the cause was an unlevelled bed. Always level your bed, it will save so many printing problems! What happened was that the design wasn’t adhering to the build blade because of the unlevelled bed and the cowl got stuck on the pieces.  

Christmas Stockings: How I made article 11

  Here’s how I made a quilted stocking. This is an article - in my how I made article series ! Today I will be sewing a free motion quilted stocking, follow along with me! What I used: Cotton fabric  Free motion quilting foot  Batting A branding label Sewing machine/basic sewing supplies Joann stocking pattern How I made it: I started by printing and cutting out my pattern from Joann and taped it together. I cut out my outside fabric (mirrored, the pieces can go right sides together with the toes facing the same way) from the pattern with lots of extra room so that as the fabric warps/shrinks a bit from quilting I can cut it back to size. I cut 2 mirrored pieces of fabric for my lining.  I cut some batting about the same size as my other fabric pieces and sewed my pieces of batting together. I didn’t have a piece of batting large enough to cover all the area I needed so I sewed my pieces together. I made two batting pieces the same size as my outer linings.  I matched one piece of batt