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Brother se600 review, opinions and pros and cons

Are you interested in getting the Brother se600? Want to know what others think of the machine? Well here’s what I think of the brother se600!

I’m going to share what I think about the price, is it easy to use, is it easy to clean, is it loud and the pros and cons! I will also give my overall opinion. 
The brother se600 is known to be the best budget combo machine! You get both sewing and embroidery for a decent price. Compared to other combo machines with the same embroidery hoop size, this one is the best price. 
So you’re probably saying, "If it’s so cheap compared to other embroidery machines it must be awful quality”
This machine actually is very good quality! I have had no problems with the machine that wasn’t caused by me!
If you have problems with the machine, it might be something that you’re doing wrong, but have no idea it's the wrong way! 
I have tons of articles for troubleshooting and write new articles every week! Leave a comment sharing what article you want ne…

How To Make A Blanket Pillow

You might be wondering, what is a blanket pillow? 
A blanket pillow is a blanket that transforms into a pillow! And today I am going to share how you can make one of your own!

These make excellent gifts for any occasion!
What you will need: Fleece (any size you want, mine was 60” x 57” for a small throw blanket)Rotary cutter (or scissors)Rotary cutting mat (If you're using scissors you won't need this)A pen or something to mark the fabric withPinsMeasuring tapeBasic sewing supplies (Including, but not limited to, sewing machine, thread and a sewing needle)

The steps:
   1. Cut off the selvage on the fabric and make the sides straight
   2. Fold over the edge of the fleece about a half-inch and sew down the edge using a utility or zig-zag stitch, cut the threads and do the same on the next side
   3. Fold the bottom of the fleece up 10-15 inches, depending on how big you made the fleece when you started. 
I did 10 inches because I wanted a small throw blanket for a long pillow. Sew the …

How To Make The Choice On An Embroidery Machine

Can't decide on a machine? Are there too many to choose from? Here's an awesome way to help narrow down the machine! Once you've picked a machine, head on over here! Good luck!
Are you on a budget? In the end, I mention my tips for having both sewing and embroidery on a budget!
Do you want just embroidery or a 2 in 1 sewing and embroidery combo machine?
Here are some pros for if you get a 2 in 1 combo machine, like the Brother se600:    - Takes up less space than 2 machines     - Has lots of sewing features    - Has lots of embroidery features    - Nice big machine    - Most of the time you can “get more bang for your buck”

Here are some pros for just an embroidery machine, like the pe800:
   - Lots of embroidery features    - Cheaper if you don’t need the sewing features (this depends on the hoop size you're wanting to get)    - Can get bigger hoop sizes for cheaper (compared to if you're upgrading the hoop size on a 2 in 1 machine, there will still be a jump in the price as …

Why Your Stitching Is Loose When Machine Embroidering

Is your stitching loose? Is nothing you're doing working? Does it look like this? Here's how you can fix it!

The bobbin isn’t in place correctly
Make sure that you are not putting the bobbin upside down. 
The bobbin isn’t threaded properly
Check that the bobbin thread is going through all the little thread guides. Try taking the bobbin out and rethreading it. 
The upper thread isn’t threaded properly 
Check that the thread is in all the thread guides, don't miss the #6 thread guide that is just above the needle. The best way to fix this one is to slowly rethread the machine and make sure the thread is going through all of the thread guides.

The race needs to be cleaned
If you’ve been using your machine for a long time it’s probably time to clean out the race. 
I tend to clean out the race every time my bobbin thread runs out!
You can read how to clean the race on your embroidery machine here.
Something is in the upper thread path
There might be something, like a little piece of thread…