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Merry Christmas Eve!

Up in the North Pole, Lies the special man.  He gives his belly a shake, And laughs until it aches! There’s a blizzard outside, But he has promises to keep! With cookies and milk, This trip should be a breeze, Hopefully the reindeer won’t freeze! He, Santa Claus, rises from his bed Ready for the night ahead! Christmas sewing is - somewhat - enjoyable, And almost always last minute! The sounds of the machine echo Through the house.  From the first to the twenty-fifth, The sewing never stops! We sew tea towels, embroider terry cloths, Make pillowcases and more.  We have promises to keep, And until then we shall not sleep! In the end it’s always worth it,  For the happy faces  Of the ones, who receive the gifts, On Christmas, Are irreplaceable! Excited children wake in the morning to see, Oh where has the elf hidden?! The elf on the shelf will always be goofy, From rolling down the stairs in toilet paper, To ‘elf-ercise’, to a marshmallow bath! For today is the last day for which we see t

How To Sew Tea Towels

Here’s how you can sew a set of tea towels! You can embroider and/or use decorative stitches on these if you’d like to, it’s really up to you! This is a super fun project and makes amazing gifts! These tea towels are a great quick and easy project for all skill levels! What you will need: Cotton, one fat quarter (18” x 21”) Rotary cutter and cutting mat (or scissors) Pins Iron and ironing board  Measuring tape Sewing thread Sewing machine Machine sewing needle, 80/12 - Optional:  -embroidery machine -embroidery thread and tear away or cut away stabilizer - embroidery design -embroidery thread -machine embroidery needle, 75/11 The steps:    1. Iron the fabric.  Tea towels are often 18” x 28” but when making your own you can choose your own sizes. One-quarter of a meter is the perfect size to not waste fabric!    2. If you are not using a fat quarter, cut a piece about 18” x 21” or 18” x 22” depending on how wide your fabric is. After straightening and cutting my fat quarter fabric’s edg

How To Sew A Fleece Embroidered Patch Pillow

Here’s how you can create a throw pillow with patching and embroidery! This is a super fun project and makes amazing gifts! What you will need: Fleece, one square of about 17” and 9 squares of 6” Iron and ironing board  Pins Rotary cutter and cutting mat (or scissors) Measuring tape Embroidery thread and tear-away or cut away stabilizer (use wash away stabilizer on top of the fleece you are using is very thick, the fleece that I embroidered on was quite thin so I was able to get away with just tear away on the back) Sewing thread Machine sewing needle and machine embroidery needle Baby Yoda embroidery design from Lizzsews Etsy shop Stuffing  Sewing and embroidery machine The steps:    1. Iron fleece and cut out 9 squares of 6”    2. Hoop the stabilizer, tear away or cut away, I chose tear away.  Pin a square (colour one) to the stabilizer, it’ll take a little bit of work!!    3. Select your embroidery design, thread the machine and begin the embroidery!    4. Sew together the embroide

Machine embroidery poem “stitch by stitch”

Stitch by stitch, the embroidery machine goes, A work of magic I suppose! Our eyes watch with excitement, As the embroidery design comes to life upon the fabric . We impatiently wait to see our final product, Hoping no problems will occur along the way! Stitch by stitch, the embroidery machine goes, From towels to toilet paper ,  what’s next? who knows! There’s no end to the items that can be embroidered. The enjoyment doesn’t stop as our eyes watch with excitement, Stitch by stitch, the embroidery machine goes.