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How to sew a wine bottle bag gift ‘wrap’

These are a beautiful fast and easy sewing project! They can even be used as tall drawstring bags afterwards!

They do not have handles, so I recommend using them as ‘gift wrap’! Meaning that if you are needing to carry it, place it in a wine bottle bag or even just a gift bag or even sew on your own handle!

What you will need:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Iron and ironing board 
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat (or scissors)
  • Seam gauge or measuring tape  
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing machine thread and needle
  • Twine, ribbon or something of the sort
  • Optional: pins

The steps:

   1. Iron fabric and cut 4 strips of 17 1/8” x 7”. If you’d like they can be all the same fabric or different. I chose to use a patterned fabric for two strips and a solid fabric for the other two. 

   2. Place two strips (I chose the non matching strips) right sides together. And create a pen mark at 12” long and again at 12 1/5” on both sides of the strip. Repeat with the other two strips. 

   3. Start to sew down the right side from the mark that is lower down (don’t forget to back stitch). Pivot at the bottom, sew the bottom, pivot again and sew up the side. Stop sewing at the line, back stitch and cut your threads. 

   4. Sew from the line to the top on both sides, don’t forget to back stitch at the beginning and the end. After this you should have the both sides sewn except for a small gap on both sides in the same spot. 

   5. Take the strip and place it down on a surface so that it is flat with one the seams you had sewn is in the center. 

   6. Take the bottom grab the back and the front of the strip and flip it up so that it is almost like a diamond with half of the diamond on top of the strip and the other half not.

   7. Make two straight line markings about .5” away from the tips of the so called diamond. Sew along these lines and cut off the excess about a 1/4” away from your stitches. 

   8. Repeat steps 3-7 but with the other two strips. 

   9. With both strips still inside out, take the top of the fabric and fold it down to the outside about a 1/4” and iron. Flip on strip inside out and it should have the fold on the inside with no fray edges showing. 

   10. Place the strip with the wrong side out inside of the other strip and match them up. 

   11. Sew around the wine bag where the holes were made, one stitch around where the top marking was and another for the second marking. Feel free to mark this using a pencil or pen marking that can go away.

   12. At the top of the wine bag, fold all layers down inside itself about a 1/4”, I pinned this one.

You’re done! Add in a ribbon or whatever you’d like to the little tube thing that we created in step 11 and your wine bag is complete!


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