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Should you use prewound bobbins for machine embroidery

Not sure if prewound bobbins are worth it? Find out in this article!

No matter what, when you do machine embroidery you’ll have to use a bobbin. You have two different options, you can either wind your own bobbins or you can purchase prewound bobbins. 


Most of the time prewound bobbins are more convenient, but if you go and wind a whole bunch of bobbins and put them in a little container, both are now very convenient!

But, you still have that added work of having to wind all the bobbins yourself. 


For winding your own bobbins there are two things you need to purchase, the thread and the bobbins. 

For prewound bobbins all you have to buy are the prewound bobbins themselves.

Although once you have purchased so many prewound bobbins you have leftover empty bobbins. Not using these empty bobbins is essentially a waste of money and bad for the earth. 

Problems that might occur

Often times prewound bobbins come very full and you might have to pull off a few yards before using it or problems like bobbin thread on the top may occur. 

It is much more likely for problems to occur if you’re using bobbins that you wound yourself. For reasons like the bobbin being wound too loosely or too tightly. 

For both, problems might occur if you place the bobbin in upside down, don’t thread it correctly, it’s the wrong weight or the wrong size. 

My final opinion

I use prewound bobbins, and I wind my own bobbins too, and I definitely recommend both methods! However I end up with a lot of empty bobbins left over when using prewound bobbins. I use those empty bobbins for my sewing as well as when I wind my own bobbins. 

All things considered, I think that prewound bobbins are the best choice for beginners for convenience and for not having problems. For more advanced embroiderers, I recommend winding your own bobbins, but do what suits your fancy!

I would recommend starting out with prewound bobbins, and as you become more experienced, you will have empty bobbins to wind yourself!


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